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How to Tag People in Songs on SoundCloud

SoundCloud offers you a way to upload and share your music online with others. The unique URL for each track you upload also streamlines the process of embedding your music on social media sites. Although there is no direct tagging feature, it is possible to use the comments section to create a direct link to the person you want to tag. To do this, you click the area on the waveform graphic of a song where you want to insert the comment. This can be done to tag and link to the profile of a person that contributed to the specified section of the song or to give her credit for her assistance.

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How to use Twitter: A guide for beginners

Twitter, the fast-moving social media platform where users post news-flash-style blurbs, is the conversation hub of the internet. And if you’re building a personal or business social media presence, you want to be part of that conversation.

But getting your start on this app can feel like jumping into a game of double-dutch. You need to keep up and stand out if you want to gain an audience. Good news – users who learn to take advantage of the app’s features and trends will findtheir rhythm in no time.

Exploring the ins and outs of social media is part of the fun process of becoming a better content creator. Read on to learn how beginners using Twitter can go from novice to expert.

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